andela - Case Study

PR Campaign Highlights

  • Launched Andela with stories in top tier publications including Wired, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc and U.S. News & World Report.
  • Led the company’s PR through its Seed and Series A funding rounds, building momentum for the $24 million investment by Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Messaged Andela in a way that clearly communicated to reporters its bold vision and practical business model.

Cutler PR Helps Lead Andela From Launch to $24M Investment by Mark Zuckerberg

Andela is an education technology startup with a bold vision: teach the untapped talent in Africa how to code, and place them in software development jobs at U.S. and European tech companies. First, the company vets the top talent in various countries in Africa and teaches them how to code. Then Andela works directly with tech firms in the U.S. and Europe to hire these developers. Andela’’s pipeline of talent gives companies the ability to scale their development teams while minimizing cost. Developers will often stay and grow into team leaders.

Andela tasked Cutler with launching the company and securing media coverage post-launch as it maneuvered through several rounds of funding. Cutler implemented a multi-tiered ongoing PR campaign built on U.S.-based media relations and thought leadership. The resulting coverage helped raise Andela’s brand awareness significantly during a period of multiple funding rounds and led up to a historic investment by Mark Zuckerberg.



Cutler worked hard to prepare clear, concise messaging and strategic responses to skeptical reporters who might have negative preconceptions about the company.


Cutler started with the message that, “talent is universal, opportunity is not.” From there, we planned out a launch campaign focused on media relations and thought leadership, with the goals of raising general brand awareness, attracting customers and getting in front of the VC community. We also reached out to African outlets to bring Andela to the attention of local residents, helping build validation in the African communities from which they were drawing talent.


Cutler’s campaign secured 30+ media hits across business, tech and consumer outlets, earning millions of impressions and bringing Andela to the attention of customers, investors and the wider tech community. Coverage was secured in outlets including Wired, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc and U.S. News & World Report. Andela secured a $14 million Series A funding round while working with us, and later secured a $24 million funding round from Mark Zuckerberg. The company has become a household name in the technology industry.

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