Cutler PR works passionately to help our clients achieve their business objectives with PR, whether that means attracting customers, investors, talent, or building general brand awareness. We have built excellent relationships with technology, business, consumer and trade reporters. We have mastered the craft of storytelling in order to capture the interest of reporters and their audiences. And below all of that, we have deep experience laying out a strategy and plan to execute upon.


Media Relations

Media placements in leading technology, business, consumer and trade publications build credibility and visibility for your brand amongst your target market. We know how reporters think and what they want, and our track record includes getting clients coveted coverage ranging from the cover of Inc. Magazine to The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TechCrunch, AP, Reuters, Mashable, VentureBeat, The Next Web, CIO, InformationWeek, CBS, NBC, and many more.

  • News announcements
  • Media interviews
  • Newsjacking
  • Data stories
  • Round-up/Best-of stories
  • Case study stories


Thought leadership

Establishing members of your company as thought leaders can be key in differentiating you from the competition and establishing you as an industry leader with a unique viewpoint. Our team is very experienced with brainstorming, writing, and securing coverage of op-eds and expert commentary. We also set up interviews with journalists for them to learn your ideas about the industry.

  • Bylined articles & op-eds
  • Expert commentary
  • Thought leadership interviews


content strategy & creation

Putting out great content is crucial for brands today because it provides value to prospective customers and builds trust. We develop content that gives your marketing department fuel to attract leads, nurture prospects and close deals. Our team will help you compose well researched blog posts, excellently written bylined articles and other content as needed.

  • Blog posts
  • Bylined articles


awards & speaking engagements

Winning industry awards and speaking at industry events can position your brand as a significant player in your market. On the awards front, we research and nominate you for industry awards – product, company or executive-focused. As for speaking, we pitch and secure our clients as speakers at the events that matter to them, taking care of everything from conceptualizing panel ideas to writing nomination essays and tracking deadlines.

  • Product awards
  • Company awards
  • Executive awards
  • Panel speaking opportunities
  • Keynote speaking opportunities


analyst relations

Being included in reports and articles written by analysts can be very powerful for brands, providing an immense amount of credibility. We set up briefings for you with such analysts, which can give way to valuable relationships that end up resulting in inclusion in reports or articles.

  • Analyst briefings
  • Analyst relationship-nurturing


social media & digital ads

Engaging with target audience members and industry influencers through one-on-one social media conversations is crucial in building a strong brand following. We create content to push through your social networks and we build and manage your community of followers and fans. On the digital ad front, our team builds social and search ad campaigns that increase conversions and traffic to your website, while decreasing conversion costs.

  • Social media strategy & implementation
  • Community building & management
  • Digital ad campaigns